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Archive for September 2018

I want to like double edge shaving

I really want to like double edge (DE) shaving. I really do. But double edge shaving has left me questioning my grandfather and father’s choice as of late. Why didn’t they switch to the world of electric razors and cartridges. Double edge razors have been standard issue since World War I, so old habits die…

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Van Der Hagen Safety Razor

Shaving – Razor Review: When my father passed away, I remember throwing out a ton of things that were not necessarily things I would ever use, at least not yet. I remember throwing out a old school DE Razor that after some research, appears to be a Vintage Gillette. I wondered if my Old Man…

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Welcome – 1st Post!

The DooDude is a real person that chooses remain anonymous. He does not ever wish to be known as the DooDude, as it’s quite an embarrassing title. My blog posts entitled “The Captain’s Log” are a “relief” mechanism in chronicling experiences with some IBS-d episodes. The DooDude has had other stomach related issues as well…

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