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Book of The Month

"Let me just say that I have read several e-books about this subject and none of these lead to success. Pooping for the rest of us is a totally different beast. The guides are so easy to follow and it only took me two weeks to get where I am today. I am now looking forward to the sequel, I simply can't wait to read it."

Product Reviews

Toilet Paper

  You may prefer quantity over quality. Find the best TP for any preference!

Moist Flushable Wipes

A must when the bidet is far away. The one thing you must try on this site.

Shaving Products

Want amazing Pre & Post Shave Products and the best Razors?

Hemorrhoid Relief

These suckers hurt! If your looking for proven relief, try these products.

Toilet Accessories

From stools to plungers, these accessories are a must have!

Bathroom Books

Not all reading material is conducive to restroom reading, so try this selection.

Bathroom Tech

Where would we be without Technology? Perhaps in the bathroom.

Exceptional Underwear

Bad fitting undies causing problems? Rid the rashes & mayhem with comfort.

Cleaning Products

Are your cleaning products really working? The test results are in!

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We deliver a wide range of suggestions for your journey to the moon. Not all remedies are suited for space travel, we got you covered.


The weather can be a little tricky on the moon. We have gathered a nice list of remedies for liquid gravity environments.

Syndromes, etc.

The alphabet of the moon is not that hard to learn. This website will come in handy if you suffer with day to day syndromes that are hard to pronounce.


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