Dry Shaving

First, lets clarify by what I mean by dry shaving: The dry shaving I am speaking of is with a cartridge razor on your face! I am not talking about dry shaving with DE or electric razor.

Traditional Wisdom: I was always told that Dry shaving (with a razor) is the worst thing you can do for your face. I was also told that dry shaving will most definitely leave you with razor burn and irritation and leads to damaging the skin. Most men will even give you reasons such as “shaving when your skin is dry will dull your razor blades fast.” and “you end up shaving more of the oils and debris left on your skin.”

Discontinue use if rash develops.

Then why is none of this happening when I tried Dry Shaving for a week? Before anyone reading this is ready to call me loony tunes, I think now is a good time to tell you that this started as an accident when I needed a quick shave so I wouldn’t be late to work. With no time for any pre-shave routine, I just decided to bite the bullet and shave. Pretty sure the toilet paper I grabbed would be used to cover my face with all the nicks I was going to receive. Not only did I not need the toilet paper, all I felt was lacking is a simple post shave routine. So based on my week long experience, here is a quick list of things you need to do before you can have a great dry shave.

There are some strict rules to follow (notice how I said rules and not suggestions):

  1. You must start with a brand new razor. Chances are your existing razor cartridge is already degraded in quality. Don’t take a chance.
  2. You can’t do it when hair is thicker than three days old and maybe less if your hair grows quickly. My best results happened when dry shaving every other day. I still shaved my neck daily.
  3. You must go against the grain on your first pass. This allows it to remove the hair quickly. Only go with the grain if you feel tugging.
  4. You must put on an after shave lotion to re-hydrate your skin very soon after your dry shave.
  5. Sometimes I’ve had a little problem under my nose and chin, so I used and electric razor until I was sure it wouldn’t be a problem. My neck and cheeks have been fine though, absolutely no cuts or razor burn!

What are the benefits of Dry Shaving with a cartridge razor?

  1. Once your face gets used to Dry shaving it gives a wonderful shave. My skin still feels hydrated due to the post shave routine. I will save a pretty good amount of money not buying all the pre-shave items.
  2. Your cartridge razors will last so much longer! I have been using the same Fusion cartridge for a whole month now (after my full week) and its still sharp. It’s like shaving cream, oil, and water breaks down the cartridge very fast, is this a conspiracy?
  3. As a guy that takes his MAN CARD seriously, am I allowed to say exfoliate? Anyway, my skin looks clearer after a dry shave, the exact opposite of what I was always told!