Best Shave Ever!

I think I have found the holy grail to shaving. My face feels fantastic and BBS after trying new products I have never used before.

Before I go into what made my skin feel like a million bucks, I have to explain and give credit to the sources that got me here. The first source is none other that The DooDude himself!

I have personally tried 61 different razors and have concluded that there are four razors that give me a great shave. I won’t go into the razor story here, but I will tell you that my best shave ever includes a Gillette Fusion Proglide for all my nosy readers.

Armed with my new found knowledge of razors, I decided to turn my attention to shave products. Specifically the pre-shave, shave, and post-shave products. I went ahead and begged my wife for permission to be “stupid” during a trip to the grocery store. Since she accepted my plea, I
looked like an old episode of super market sweep and burned through $100 worth of shaving products. Besides Cremo, my results were less than memorable.

Next came a tip from a co-worker that told me about Taylor of Old Bond Street (Sandalwood Scent). This really upped the ante and made the conclusion that there must be something better out there. My co-worker gave me an even better tip and sold me my first shave brush from West Coast Shaving. The brush really makes a difference, and is part of a weekly routine since the moment I purchased the brush.

So I scoured the internet looking for shaving creams similar to Taylor of Old Bond Street. I came across a review of the best shaving creams from the Sharpologist (Mantic59). In his review of Taylor of Old Bond Street, Mantic59 said, “While I think they might be at the bottom of the top shelf, they’re still on the top shelf!”. This was all the ammunition I needed to figure out what was at the very top of the shelf!

So I just went off Mantic59’s list since the Sharpologist is a very respected blog. Except I was about to be in the dog house again. Going from “stupid” to “crazy” when asking my wife if I can spend $250 on shave products in order to see if Mantic59’s suggestions would work from me also. After admitting to her I would see a therapist if I ever do this again, she gave me the nod to proceed (with a slight amount of skepticism I might add).

Lets focus on the two products that revolutionized my shave to “the top shelf”! Thes two items are none other than:

  1. Lucky Tiger Face Wash – This is a pre-shave face wash that gets everything ready to go.
  2. OneBlade Black Tie Shaving Cream – The medium lavender scent is nice and the way it lathers on your face is phenomenal.

Mantic 59’s review stated “OneBlade – OneBlade’s “Black Tie” shave cream is only available in a single, moderately-strong lavender scent. But the performance is excellent: the ‘cushion’ aspect is particularly noteworthy.”

Boy was he right on the cushion! My face felt great for a full 24 hours and the shave was as BBS smooth as I have ever had.

I really don’t know if it was the Lucky Tiger Face Wash or the OneBlade Black Tie Shaving Cream. Maybe it was a combination of them both, but I’m not worried about it. Why? Because soon enough I will figure it out. For now I’ll enjoy the fact that I just had the best shave of my life!